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Acrobat 9.0 for Legal Professionals

With the release of Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Professional, Adobe Systems now delivers features specific to the legal profession, including Bates numbering and redaction. Building on a solid foundation, Acrobat 9.0 gives legal professionals the power to intuitively create and access PDF files, collect information, securely control access to information, and facilitate collaboration.
Several new features include:
  • Enhanced redaction and Bates numbering
  • File splitting
  • Better save to Word with flowing text
  • PDF Portfolios (PDF on steroids!)
  • More powerful document comparison features
Document Comparison
  • Compare all changes in documents including text, images, moved pages, etc.
  • Summarize changes as annotations to documents
  • Find differences in pictures
  • Choose what you want to compare- or ignore- including images, headers and footers, etc.

PDF Portfolios
  • Use nicely designed layouts which can play Flash movies
  • Organize files in folders
  • Built-in preview of Word, Excel, and other Office files
  • Search non-PDF documents in a package
  • Sort by date, number or text
  • Rename files
  • Direct editing of header fields

  • Redact using Word Lists
  • Redact entire pages
  • Apply Redactions in batch
  • Automatically rename files with a suffix of your choosing (_redacted)

Bates Numbering

Bates Numbering is the consecutive numbering of legal documents. You can Bates number all of the files in a PDF Portfolio in a single step, even converting common Office formats automatically along the way. Keeping all the files in a PDF Portfolio is convenient and makes it easy to deliver and maintain the document set.
  • Easily select entire folders for numbering
  • Set an output folder so your originals stay untouched
  • Rename files on output with a prefix or suffix
  • Rename files to Bate range e.g. 000001-000039.pdf

  • OCR multiple documents
  • Improved speed

Save to Word
  • Save documents with flowing text
  • Retain most formatting for easier editing
  • Export multiple PDFs to Word or other formats using Export Multiple feature

Email Archiving
  • Archive email to a PDF Portfolio from Outlook and Lotus Notes
  • Collect more email metadata for "on a budget" EDD
  • Sort and filter results using a PDF Portfolio
  • Search non-PDF attachments such as Word and Excel files

Typewriter Tool to Complete Any Form

The typewriter tool provides a simple solution for filling out forms that do not contain interactive form fields. You can type on top of any PDF document, even one you created from a scanner. This allows you to easily fill out paper forms on your computer and archive the results electronically, or send the completed form via email.
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