Step 1: Overview

In step 11 you will order the scanner. You will either have it delivered to:
  Your location if you will do the installation, or
  The customer's location if someone else will perform the installation.

   Step 2: Order the scanner

There are multiple vendors from which to order the scanner. We have used both CDW and Tech Data and have been pleased with the service from both suppliers.

If you are going to make the profit margin between wholesale and retail you will have to set up an account with the supplier. If you already have a working relationship with a supplier, you will obviously use your current supplier.

   Step 3: When the scanner arrives

When the scanner arrives, you are now ready to do or oversee the installation of the system. The next step is to contact your customer and/or outside integrator to set up a date to install the system.

Note: Some resellers like to establish a working relationship with a local IT firm to do all of their installations. You many find such a relationship beneficial because once they have completed the first installation they will possess the knowledge to install future systems.

   Step 4: Contact our support staff with installation date and time

You need to call or send an email to our support staff and let them know when you will be doing the installation of the software. The reason they need to be aware of the date and time is because they have to issue a license in order to activate the software. This process will avoid any delays in getting the software activated.

You can call or email:

Chuck Kelyman
Phone: 503-636-0995

Chuck is located in Oregon and is on PST.

   Step 5: Setting up document profiles

Part of the flexibility of our system is that you can set up different profiles for different document types. For example, an accounting document will use different keywords to retrieve it then will a job file.

You can download a PDF document that illustrates how to set up profiles by clicking on the following link and saving it to your desktop.

You will need to meet with representatives of your customer's organization to determine what documents they intend to scan into the system and how they will like to retrieve them. Most companies parallel their paper based filing system because people are already accustomed to the retrieval process.

This process will normally take 30 minutes to two hours depending on the different types of documents they want to include into their system.

   Step 6: Schedule a time for training

Once the system is installed, you will need to schedule a meeting to train the users of the system.

Note: We would suggest that you schedule the time for training on a different date then that of installing the system. That way, if there is a problem during the installation you don't have to postpone the training session.