Step 1: Overview

Once you have finished training everyone on the use of the system you will return to the office and create an invoice to send to your customer.

You will also want to send an email to the CEO letting him know that the document imaging system is installed and that the training is complete.

   Step 2: Create an invoice

You now need to create an invoice for your services.

Note: We suggest that you prearrange with your customer to have the invoice paid at the time it is presented for payment. Some resellers collect 50% up front so that they have some working capital. You will want to invoice them for:
Note: If you have a referral system, this is the time you should seek referrals from you customer.

   Step 3: Send invoice to customer

The next step is to either send or hand-deliver the invoice to your customer.

If you hand-deliver the invoice, it provides an excellent opportunity to follow up with the department managers to see how everything is going. It also provides an opportunity for you to meet with your customer to show him that everything was completed on time.

If nothing else you should ask your customer for a testimonial letter that you can use with other prospects.

Don't underestimate the power of testimonials with prospects. It is the strongest sales tool you can possess.

   Step 4: Send a thank you email to your customer

At this time you can report back to your customer that the project is finished and thank him for his business. You will also let him know that you support your customers and if there is any problem they should call you. You will also let him know that you will be checking back with his department manager in a week to make sure that the system is running smoothly.

[Insert email here]

   Step 5: Conclusion

When the project is complete it is an excellent time to establish a lasting bond with your customers. You have demonstrated that you are dependable and will get the job done on time.

We would recommend that if you don't already have a referral system, that you develop one. This is the best time to ask for referrals but you won't ask unless you have it built into your process.

As we said before, at a minimum you should get a testimony from your customer.