Step 1: Overview

In Step 16 you will be contacting the people on your list to schedule a 20 minute meeting with them.

The objective of this meeting is a little different from the first group of customers that you contacted. With the first group you sought their advice on whether or not to get involved with our company. Now you are going to let them know that you have a way to help them:

  Increase profits
  Increase productivity
  Improve customer service
  Protect their business from a disaster caused by fire, water, or wind.
As you now understand, these are the concerns of a business owner and they will be open to listening to anyone who can help them with these issues.

   Step 2: Schedule a 20 minute appointment with your prospect

This is the action step. You are going to pick up the phone and call the people on your list. Your approach will change a little from your previous telephone call. You should say something along these lines.

I just showed ABC Company a cost effective way to increase their productivity by 15% while at the same time significantly improving their customer service. After asking myself who else might want to benefit the same way, your name came to mind. Can we get together Wednesday for about 20 minutes so that I can quickly show you what we did for them and evaluate if we might be able to achieve the same results for you?
Later when you go to the meeting you will begin by saying something along these lines.

We just showed ABC Company and XYZ Company how to increase their productivity by 15% and improve their customer service by giving their staff the ability to answer 90% of their customer questions on the first call without putting them on hold. I know that as a businessman, customer service is important to you; would you mind just taking a minute or two and describe to me your biggest problem is in this area.
You will then shut up, listen, and take notes.

   Step 3: Make two calls

Take action now! Pick up the phone and call two people from your list.

After you have made the two calls, set aside another 10 minutes either today or tomorrow to make more calls. Continue to do this until you have scheduled appointments with everyone on your list.