Step 1: Overview

Step 18 is to schedule an appointment to demo the software to your prospect. You should schedule this meeting before you leave the prospects office. Remember that the purpose of a meeting is to schedule another meeting. If you wait to schedule the meeting until after you get back to the office, the prospect will have already moved on to other things and you will find it much harder to get the meeting scheduled.

   Step 2: Schedule a 45-60 minute appointment

If you have asked the right questions you should already have a very good understanding of your prospects feelings about customer service, reducing costs, increasing office efficiency, disaster protection, etc. If your prospect believes that you might be able to help him fulfill his business objectives you shouldn't have any problems scheduling a meeting to demo the software.

To schedule the appointment you should approach them by saying something like the following.

You know Mr. Prospect, after listening to you describe your business processes and you desire to improve your customer service, I have no doubt that our document imaging system will significantly improve those areas of your business.

I would like to suggest that the next step should be to get back together to demo the system to you so that you can make your own judgment. Do you think that anyone else in your company should be involved in that meeting?
(Let him answer)

Just so we don't waste your time, let's pencil a meeting into your calendar and let the others know that it is set for that date. Then we can coordinate with them to make sure they get it on their calendars.

   Step 3: Thank him for his time and opinion and leave.

Now you should have a strong idea if the client is interested in purchasing a document imaging system. When you come back to demo the software, you should be prepared to summarize the objectives that you gathered from this meeting.