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Most people want to see a demo of the software and see how it’s features work to evaluate if
their staff can easily learn and use the software. One thing we’ve learned in the software
business, if it isn’t easy, nobody is going to use it.
Therefore, we’ve created a video that demo’s the software. This is the same demonstration that
you would see if you called and scheduled a Go-To-Meeting online demonstration. The advantage
is that you can view the demo when it’s most convenient for you.
This is a library of our video tutorials that are designed to instruct you on important features of
our software. They are available 24/7 and can also be used to train your staff.
Please note these are large (640x480) high-quality videos and may take a moment to load.
Software Introduction
(0:38 Minutes)
Main User Interface Tour
(2:53 Minutes)
Search For A Document
(2:59 Minutes)
Viewing A Document Within Our Software
(1:56 Minutes)
Label/File A Document For Future Retrieval
(5:36 Minutes)
Breaking A Scanned Batch Of Documents Apart
(3:45 Minutes)
Advanced Scanning User Interface Function
(2:01 Minutes)
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The video is 27 minutes long.