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What is the normal price of your software?
We provide flexible licensing to fit the unique needs of your organization…you can either
lease our software on a monthly lease for $200 per month or you can purchase our
software for $26,000 (base system price). The monthly fee is similar to a ‘rental’ fee of our
base system.
This is what you get with our system –
Unlimited scanning to a system suspense folder… it doesn’t matter if you have one
scanner or 100 scanners feeding documents into the system.
Unlimited search and retrieval workstation licenses… it doesn’t matter if you have 10
workstations or 10,000 workstations, the price is the same; FREE!
One index engine that resides on your server… it is capable of indexing approximately
140 million PDF files created by our software.
Five workstations that tag the documents with your keywords… (two workstations
to tag documents is included in our $200 monthly lease price).
How do you differ from other document imaging systems?
There are three types of document imaging systems on the market. Our system uses the
most advanced technology that is currently on the market; which is meta-data technology.
The reason is simple; it is designed to overcome the inherent weaknesses of the other two
types of technologies being marketed.
Meta-data technology results in a significantly lower total cost of ownership than other
systems. For example, database/file structure systems typically require 40 hours a month of
IT time to maintain. Meta-data systems require less then an hour a year. The reason is they
are more stable and reliable than the other types of systems.
Our system is designed around the strategy of putting the power under the hood for your IT
staff and making the user interface simple so that it is extremely easy-to-use and easy-to-
Finally, the system can be customized to meet the needs of any type of business and is
easily scalable to meet the demands of even the largest organizations. Proof lies in the fact
that the same system that is being used in one-man law firms, CPA firms, and medical
practices is also scaled up and is used by such customers as…
U.S. Naval Command Center
Langley Air Force Base
U.S. Embassy
Procter & Gamble
Ryder Truck Leasing
And many more…
You can learn more about the difference in meta-data technology by watching the video at
What variables affect the price structure?
With our system you get unlimited scanning capabilities for FREE, unlimited search and
retrieval licenses for FREE, and a search and retrieval index engine that allows you to index
100 times more documents than a Google search appliance that sells for $32,000.
The only variable is the number of labeling workstation licenses needed to tag the PDF files
with the key search words that will be used to later retrieve the file. Although there isn’t a
limitation to the number of PDF documents you can tag by each labeling workstation, as a
practical matter each workstation is rated as capable of tagging 5,000-8,000 PDF files a day.
Most businesses expand the number of labeling workstations based on workflow or
department requirements. Many companies want each department to tag their own
documents since they are most familiar with how each document will later be retrieved.
With that said, we have many customers that do centralized tagging, thereby minimizing the
label licensing requirement to a single workstation. What you will discover is our system can
be easily expanded to meet your unique requirements.
Can I use your system to find and retrieve other electronic documents such as word
documents, excel spreadsheets, etc?
Out of the box our system is designed to index and retrieve only PDF documents. The
reason is simple: a document imaging system is designed to replace your paper-filing
system and is not looked upon as an electronic document management system.
However, with that said, you can purchase our browser-based search engine as an add-on
module which will index 172 different file formats (including all Microsoft Office documents
i.e. Word, etc.). It indexes up to 1-terabyte of data and costs $1,500.
The PDF files created by our system, along with their embedded meta-data makes them
compatible with all electronic document management systems on the market. Thus, unlike
other software companies, we do not and cannot hold you hostage to our system and you
are free to use any document management system on the market.
Our browser-based search engine works with either an Intranet or over the Internet.
I already have a MFP that does scanning. Does your system work with this device?
Many organizations have purchased MFPs and are discovering the advantages of scanning
and emailing documents to their prospects and customers. They are now looking for
solutions that allow them to scan and share documents across the network. Our document
imaging system is designed to work seamlessly with MFPs.
With our system, you will send the scanned document image to a suspense folder on the
network and our system then interfaces with that suspense folder. In other words we
process the documents that have been scanned into the suspense folder. We can accept
TIFF, JPEG, and PDF files from the MFP. Our software will convert all images to the PDF file
We have an excellent diagram of the process using an MFP at
Does your software automatically capture the keywords on the document and enter
them into the index fields?
No, we purposely do not. The reason that we don’t employ this method to automate the
labeling process is because it is inaccurate and requires more human labor to quality control
and hand correct the inaccurately computer captured keyword data than it does to use other
technologies such as ‘match and merge’ to tag the PDF documents.
Another reason, we don’t use this method is that it requires a significant amount of IT time
to automate and maintain this keyword data capture process. Most businesses IT staff are
already working long hours and aren’t looking for another headache to manage.
If this automated keyword data capture technology were any good at all, we would
incorporate it into our system. Unfortunately, it is only about 95% effective with pristine
fresh-off-the-press laser printed documents and studies show that most companies only
experience a 74% accuracy rate with their everyday documents.
I would like to see some screen shots and get a feel for your system. Where can I
see this information?
There are several ways for you to get an overview of our software program. First we have a
series of short videos that demonstrate both the searching and retrieving of electronic
documents (something every end-user will have to learn) and the process of tagging the
documents with keywords. These videos can be seen at
Another way to see the software and to get all your questions answered at the same time is
to schedule an online Go-To-Meeting demonstration of the software. This demo is the same
as if we came into your office but we will do it remotely over the Internet. You can schedule
a Go-To-Meeting demonstration by calling us at 888-855-7699 or complete the form at
I want to batch scan all my documents into the system and then separate them
once they are scanned. Can I do this with your system?
Our software will let you batch scan your documents and separate them at a later time. This
feature gives you the flexibility to separate the scanning function from the tagging function
in order to fit the process into your daily work routine. In fact many customers have one
person scanning documents and another labeling (or tagging) the documents at a different
time and at a different location. The point is, you have the flexibility to fit the different parts
of the process into your daily routine without having to set aside a block of time to perform
all the functions at one sitting.
Batch scanning is ideal for anyone who wants to scan into the system all of their existing
files that resides in boxes and file cabinets. It lets you quickly get the paper documents into
the system so that they can be backed up and stored off-site for disaster protection.
You are so much cheaper than your competitors. How powerful is your system and
what am I sacrificing if I purchase your system?
When you purchase our meta-data document imaging system you are buying one of the
most advanced and powerful systems on the market. To put this into perspective, our search
index that resides on your server is capable of indexing over 100 million PDF files and is
included in our low price. If you were to purchase a Google Appliance, it will only index
1,000,000 documents and sells for $32,000. Out-of-the-box our index engine is capable of
indexing 100 times more Smart PDF documents than a Google Appliance.
Furthermore, most clients will conduct their searches in about ¼ of a second. In other
words, our index will sort through millions and millions of documents in ¼ of a second. It
will take you longer to click on the document to view it than it will to find it on the server.
Many software companies need to make all their profits on just a few sales. We’ve taken a
different approach to selling our software. We feel that we will make more sales if we price
our software competitively and make our profit margins on volume.
We also don’t have to build into our price large service contracts as do database systems.
This is because our system is extremely stable and therefore doesn’t require the support
that is required for a database system. In fact, once the software is installed and
operational, we seldom receive a service call. We kid ourselves that we are “like the Maytag
repairman waiting for the call that never comes.”
Finally, you can take comfort in the fact that it is being used by the U.S. Naval Command
Center and Langley Air Force Base, as well as many Fortune 500 companies that have taken
great care to compare us to more expensive systems.
Do you have a representative in our area that can come into our office and demo
your system?
I am the co-author of Strategies & Tactics and we believe that businesses should use any
strategy or tactic that maximize their efficiencies and minimize their costs. Alas, this is one
of the reasons that we believe so strongly that every business should have a document
imaging system.
We use a highly effective strategy to demo our system to businesses throughout the world.
It is called Webex and its technology allows us to demonstrate our software over the
Internet, the same as if we came into your office and showed it to you face to face.
By employing this strategy we are able to reduce our overhead by over $800,000 a year and
pass these savings onto our customers in the form of lower prices.
We will be happy to schedule a Go-To-Meeting demonstration of our software to show you
why our document imaging system can be one of the most effective cost reduction tactics
that you can invest in this year. You can schedule a Go-To-Meeting demonstration by calling
us at 888-855-7699 or complete the form at .
I hope that you found this information useful and we are happy to answer any questions you
might have regarding our software.
Document Imaging Solutions, Inc.
Ph: 888-855-7699
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