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Document Imaging for Medical Records

With our document imaging system you may never want or need an EMR system

Our document imaging software takes a paper medical record and creates a universal electronic patient medical record that is easily managed. By scanning patient records into a searchable PDF file that is stored electronically on a network server, physicians and support staff can retrieve a patient's records from any networked computer. Our software also allows patient records to be retrieved easily over the Internet, from a hospital, a satellite office, or from home.

We are an alternative to an EMR system!

Healthcare is bogged down in paper. Trapped in the antiquated and inefficient paper- based system, healthcare providers are looking for way to take advantage of new technologies that reduce costs, increase productivity and improve patient care.

They have turned to technology for help. However, software developers are stuck in their own paradigm. They are focused on data and data management. Nowhere is this truer than with EMR systems. There is a strong tendency for IT to implement magnificent EMR systems that have plenty of bells and whistles, but do not efficiently handle the primary needs physicians set out to address. EMR systems provide feature-rich solutions that produce more pitfalls than productive results.

EMR developers have made a critical error by failing to recognize that medicine is more of an art than a science. Forcing a physician to a check box and drop-down menu system is similar to instructing an artist to paint within the lines. For an EMR system to be useful, it must integrate seamlessly into the physician's decision process and established method of practice.

We concluded that the problem was not data; it was paper.

Considering that for years the healthcare community has gleaned all the data needed from a paper document, the inefficiencies that plague the industry are clearly those associated with mass paper management.

The answer is a document imaging software that creates a system that electronically simulates the current paper schematic. The document imaging process mirrors the paper- based system, duplicating the workflow pattern for any given task. The only difference is the unparalleled convenience of retrieving and viewing medical records in an electronic format. These records are exact replicas of their paper counterparts. Essentially, a physician can maintain his or her current pattern of practice while realizing all the benefits promised by electronic medical records.

And, unlike complicated EMR systems, our document imaging system is designed to take the complicated and make it simple. In fact, our document imaging system is so simple to use that office staff and physicians can master it in less than 15 minutes.

Should medical practices turn to proven technologies to increase office efficiency?

Mounting economic and competitive forces are pressuring healthcare providers to contain escalating costs while insisting on continually upgrading the quality of care. Document imaging is a proven and much-needed solution to the problems that the healthcare industry is facing.
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Why EMR systems are problematic for most medical practices.

Many EMR systems require a physician to dramatically alter the flow of information within his or her practice by requiring data entry into software programs which is often far less efficient than the previous method of documentation.
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Document imaging in the medical practice.

DIS-Imaging Software is for medical practices that don't have the time, the money, or the staff for a high-maintenance database document imaging system. Why metadata systems, are the only type of systems that most medical practices should consider purchasing.
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Is technology your servant or your master?

A document imaging system gives the option of using both paper and electronic documents harmoniously. The electronic record fully maintains the "look and feel" of the familiar and comfortable paper chart. Nothing has to change in the method by which the physician performs his or her documentation of patient care. Unlike an EMR system that requires your staff to learn new applications, document imaging allows your staff to maintain their modus operandi; thus incurring minimal interruption and requiring a short learning curve.
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Audio whitepapers

This audio whitepaper includes an interview with Jason Van Ittersum, M.D. Dr. Van Ittersum has worked with several EMR systems, including that of the University of Michigan Medical Center, and has acted as a consultant to Document Imaging Solutions, Inc. These audios highlight the differences between document imaging and other electronic medical record systems.
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Medical practice case study

Lakeshore Dermatology and Skin Renewal Center opened in August of 2003 and began using our document imaging system immediately. Currently this office has a staff of 1 physician, 1 PA, 1 office manager, 6 nurses, 2 receptionists, and 1 biller. They see 85 patients a day.
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Try our online demo

To experience how easy it is to retrieve a patient's records on the Internet through your browser, click on the link below to take you to our sample website. The records presented in the demonstration are real but used with the patient's authorization.
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