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How does your licensing work?

To understand how our licensing works and how it is priced you first must understand there are three different processes with any document imaging system.

This is the first process performed using a document imaging system. You convert your paper documents into electronic images during this process. This can be done at a single scanner (referred to as centralized scanning) or from multiple scanners (referred to as distributed scanning).
  • With our system we do not charge any license fees for scanning. You can scan an unlimited number of documents without incurring any licensing fees when you scan to a network suspense folder.
  Filing the documents into the system
The second process in a document imaging system is often referred to as tagging, labeling or indexing a document. You add identifiers (keywords) to the document during this process which will later be used to retrieve the electronic image. This is similar to labeling a paper file folder. These identifiers are either entered into a database as is the case with a database system or into metadata as is the case with our system.
  • Each workstation that uses our software to "tag" a document must have a license. With our system, the price it based upon the number of workstations that are performing this task. Although each license can "tag" an unlimited number of documents, as a practical matter, one person generally is only physically capable of tagging 5,000 to 8,000 PDF files a day.

  • With our base lease program you will receive two licenses for tagging. You can install these licenses on any workstation on the network.

  • With the purchase of our software you will receive five licenses for tagging documents. You can install these licenses on any workstation on the network.
  Search and retrieval
The last process is for staff members to search and retrieve documents from their desktop PC's. This is done by typing keywords into a search box and then the search engine will find the document on your server and display it at the workstation.
  • With our system, we provide unlimited licenses to search and retrieve the electronic PDF images for free. It doesn't matter if you have 10 people or 10,000 people on the network, we don't charge for these licenses. Our search and retrieval license allows you to view, print, and email the PDF files.

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