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This is a place where you can learn about both the benefits and pitfalls of document imaging. We have accumulated a web-based library of videos and articles that makes learning about document imaging easier, faster, and more efficient than any other method available. Best of all, it's FREE!

We have been privileged to study all kinds of superior ways and higher performing options to quickly educate people. Our self-serve learning center is structured to get to the meat of all issues relating to document imaging. You will save hours of time and avoid missing critical information with our Learning Center.

Document Imaging Private Library
Five day 5-minute document imaging mini-course
Document Imaging's Eight Deadly Pitfalls
Automation In Document Imaging
       The facts about automation
       The 5 step process using automation
       The truth about man-hours saved
       Automation - shifting costs to IT departments

Benefits Of A Document Imaging System
How To Get Started
Complete List Of Scanners By Manufacturer
Cheat Sheet On Document Storage
Mind Map On Document Imaging
What You Should Have Available When You
Contact Vendors For Information

Demo - Hands On Browser Based Demo

Reveals for the First Time... critical information that software vendors won't tell you!

A must read for anyone who is considering a document imaging system.

  Document imaging's dirty little secret revealed!

  The single most important question to ask
    before you purchase a document imaging
    system, revealed!

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Many companies are afraid to let you use their software before you buy it because it exposes their design flaws. But if you can test drive a new car before you buy it, why shouldn't you be able to test drive the software that will drive your document imaging system? If it is as good as they claim it to be, test driving the system will only convince you that it is the right software for your organization.

It is insane to ask you to shell out $15,000, $30,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 without you knowing if the system will perform as promised. So we encourage you to hold our feet to the fire and prove that our document imaging system is the easiest, simplest, and most powerful document imaging system you can buy or lease.

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