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Why are you interested in a document imaging system now? What triggered this issue?
Who are the decision makers on this project?
Are you seeking a departmental, site, or organization solution? Please provide an overall view of your objectives
How many of people in each department? How many people need access to these documents?
Do some people need access to documents in their department but need to be restricted from accessing documents from other departments?
Are you looking for a stand alone solution, a network solution, or a Web solution?
How many copies are made daily? What percentage is for internal use and what is for external use
How many file cabinet drawers?
How many new documents will be scanned each day?
Are you storing documents offsite? If so, what is the estimated cost annually?
Nationwide, paper storage is growing about 22% annually. Would that be right for your organization?
How many people need access to the files by department?
  Customer Service
  General Office Staff
  File Clerk
The national average is one-in-ten files are lost, misfiled, or removed from the office. Does this cause much of a problem for your business?
If you were to guess, what percentage of your telephone calls from customers requires a call back because you had to find a document? Is this a problem?
Do you have a full time IT person?
Do you use bar code technology in your organization?
How many locations / sites in your organization?
How do you currently share information with other locations? (mail, fax, email, WAN, LAN, FTP, overnight packages)
How would you ideally like to share information with other locations?
Do you have outside sales people or technicians? Do they travel much?
Does your executive staff travel much? (CEO, CFO, etc)
What plans have you made to protect the important information contained in your paper files?
Do your customers require copies of documents with invoices?
Is there any need for routing documents to different users electronically?
Once the documents are stored electronically, will there be a need for web access?
Is there any plan to destroy documents after a specified time period?
What is your file destruction method?
Do you have an MFP (paper copy machine that scans) or other document scanning devices?
Do you need to scan the back file (existing paper files), scan day-forward (al future files generated), scan-on-demand (all files generated or retrieved from the back file), or a combination?
Are there any regulations such as HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley influencing your decision to purchase a document imaging system?
Do you foresee a change in your document generation rate; increase or decrease?
How many more or less pages per month?
Are there peak periods of document generation?
What is the predominant document size?
Executive Questions
In the past, and generally speaking, what factor has hindered you from adapting a document imaging system?
Of the 12 choices, which would you say are the top three most important factors leading you to consider a document imaging system, in order of priority?
  Remote accessibility
  Disaster Recovery
  Stop losing files 
  Competitive advantage
  Reduce costs
  Save money
  Share information
  Reduce frustration
  Customer service
  Space reduction
  Improve moral
Which department will benefit most from a document imaging system?
How often does losing or misplacing paper files hurt your business by resulting in lost productivity?
Is there a budget appropriated for a document imaging system?
Have you considered document imaging in the past? If so, why didn't you implement a system?
How prepared is your business for a natural disaster? How long would it take for your business to recover if your files were destroyed?
Are you currently outsourcing document imaging?
IT Questions
What is your Network Topology Bandwidth?
How many workstations at each location?
What are your workstation operating systems?
What is your server operating system?
How many total users?
Do remote locations access your network?
If so, how? (VPN, CITRIX, Web)
Will you be allocating document imaging storage space on an existing server or purchase a separate document imaging server?

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