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Why are we doing this?
Like most businesses, the recession has had an impact on our business. Based on what our
prospects tell us, management has placed a freeze on spending.
Our company got together to strategize on ways to overcome this problem until business gets
back to normal. Two things became crystal clear during the strategy session:
First, we had to make an offer that was so compelling that businesses needed to act or
they were out of their mind.
Second, we know that once a decision is made to place a project like document imaging
on hold, businesses go on to other topics and may not revisit this topic again for a year or
two. Therefore, many prospects that have visited our website in pursuit of a document
imaging system, will quickly cease to be potential customers.
Therefore, we made a decision to make an offer until March 15th that is too good to turn down.
Temporarily, gone is the $26,000 price tag. Until March 15th, you can purchase our software
for only $2,600! That’s a 90% discount.
They did impose one limitation: This offer is good only until March 15th, 2010. If we do not
receive an order by that date, the offer is off the table.
First, you know the price. It’s $2,600. 
But, what do you get?
You get a system where you can scan an unlimited number of documents. If you’ve been
looking, you know that many companies put a limit on the number of documents you can scan or
you have to buy additional licenses. Not so with our system. You can scan as many documents
as you like, now and for all the years to come.
Everyone can scan documents if you wish. Every person in your organization can have a
desktop scanner and maintain control over the paper in their office. You may not want to take
advantage of this feature now, but as your organization begins to experience the benefits of an
electronic filing system, you may want to use this in the future. Isn’t it nice to know that you
can do this without any additional software costs.
You can also scan documents from a centralized location such as using the companies MFP.
Our software works seamlessly with MFP technology, and easily lets you electronically file
documents with more searchable metadata than is practical with MFP software.
Everyone can search for documents right from their workstation and view them on their
computer screen. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 people or 10,000 people, there is no
additional cost.
Multiple people can view the same document at the same time. This makes it easy to
collaborate on work projects without having to make copies of the documents as is necessary in
the paper world.
Everyone can print, fax, or email documents right from the system without ever leaving their
desk. You don’t have to get up and go to a fax machine or the MFP to send a document to
someone outside your organization. This is all accomplished in a few easy steps right from your
computer station.
Everyone can file documents with our advanced metadata technology. Each person can tag
the electronic documents with metadata that is used by the search engine to find and retrieve
the electronic document. Unlike the other features, there is a limitation placed on how many
people can tag documents at the same time.
The software comes with two concurrent labeling (tagging) licenses. This simply means
that although everyone can tag documents with metadata for future retrieval, only two
people can use this feature of the system at the same time. From a practical standpoint,
this means that you could only tag 15,000 – 16,000 PDF files a day. (As you can see, for
most companies that will not be a problem.)
Additional concurrent licenses can be purchased for $5,000 each if needed.
You get our patent pending electronic batch splitting function. What this feature does, is it allows
you to scan in a batch of documents and then separate them electronically after the fact. Gone
are the days of barcode separator sheets that require a considerable amount of time to prep a
batch of documents for separation prior to being scanned.
If this feature were sold separately, it would cost you $7,500. But it is included with our
software in the October special.
Most people want to see a demo of the software and see how it’s features work to evaluate if
their staff can easily learn and use the software. One thing we’ve learned in the software
business, if it isn’t easy, nobody is going to use it.
Therefore, we’ve created a video that demo’s the software. This is the same demonstration that
you would see if you called and scheduled a Webex online demonstration. The advantage is that
you can view the demo when it’s most convenient for you.
We’ve taken the most frequently asked questions and answered them in our FAQ section. You
can access that information by clicking here: The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions.
If after reviewing all this material, if you still have any questions, please give us a call to
speak to a representative. We are available Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 EST.
Phone: 888-855-7699
We look forward to helping you any way we can.
Optionally, you can have our support staff install our software remotely and setup several
profiles. The setup fee is normally $1,200. For the March 15th Special, the setup fee is
reduced to just $600 for an additional savings of $600 on the setup fee. With the setup you
receive the following:
Remote installation of the software on the server, which includes the creation of the
search engine index and drop down lists.
Configuration of up to three profiles. A profile identifies the fields that are used to create
the metadata for later searches.
This fee is optional. Our normal fee is 7.5% of the purchase price of the software. Therefore
on our base system of $26,000 the fee is $1,950, well below industry standards. During this
special offer the fee is reduced to 7.5% of the purchase price, or $750 whichever is greater.
Example: If you purchase the base system for $2,600 you would have an optional fee
for upgrades and support of $750.
Example: If you purchased the base system for $2,600 and added 10 additional
concurrent labeling licenses at $5,000 each for $50,000, you would pay 7.5% of $52,600
which is $3,945.