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Four major problems that medical billing companies face...

The four major problems that medical billing companies face are:

    1. Time delays caused by differences in geographic locations between the medical practice and your company. First, there is an initial time delay to receive the super-bill from the medical practice. Second, there is a delay when additional information is needed to support the claim.

    2. The ability to expand your services beyond your local market because the further away you are located from your customer the greater the delay to receive and process their bills.

    3. The need to hire inside your local market. You can't afford to incur additional time delays to forward billing information to an employee who doesn't work in your office.

    4. You don't have an in-house IT department to develop, implement, and maintain a system capable of solving these problems, even though the technology exists.
Document Imaging Solutions and MD Image have created the perfect solution. The solution is affordable and solves all four problems. The solution is best understood by describing the workflow process that you will need to implement if you adopt this solution.

Step 1
At the end of the work day, the medical practice will scan all their super-bills into a multi-page "smart PDF" file using our document imaging software. They will tag the multi-page PDF with metadata using our software (a process that will take about 10 seconds after the batch is scanned) and the documents will be saved to a watched folder on the medical practice's computer system.

Step 2
Our system recognizes when a document is added to the watched folder. The system will automatically upload the new "smart PDF", via the internet, to a secure server hosted by MD Image. This is done using a secure encrypted transfer from the medical practice to the server.

Step 3
The system then sends you an email that a new document has arrived from your client and is ready to be processed by your staff.

Step 4
You will then log onto the server using a secure connection and open the "smart PDF" file. Your staff will need a second monitor to view the super-bill as an electronic PDF file. One monitor is used to view the PDF super-bill and the other monitor is used to process the bill using your billing application. (An alternative would be to print the super-bill on a laser printer, and then shred it after it has been processed. You no longer need to store the super-bills on paper because you have a legal electronic copy on the MD Image server.)

Step 5
If additional information is needed from the medical practice to support a claim, your staff marks up the "smart PDF" super-bill with a sticky note and emails it back to the medical practice password protected and encrypted.

Step 6
The client's staff opens the email using a predetermined password. They will process the request for additional information, scan it into the system, and the process repeats itself.

The medical practice benefits from this system because they are able to have their bills processed immediately and can increase their cash flow. The billing process is as fast as if they had an employee sitting in their office but, without any of the headaches that come with an in-house employee.

You benefit from this solution because you can:

  • provide better and faster service to your customers.

  • market your services beyond your local market since there aren't any time delays between you and your customer when sharing information.

  • lower your processing costs and have more flexibility to hire either part-time or full-time employees who reside outside your geographic area.

  • implement the system without hiring an in-house IT professional to maintain the system.
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