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Will your system work with my MFP?

The following dashboard takes you through the process that is required with our document imaging software. This dashboard is designed to show you how our software works so that you can envision how it can integrate into your daily business workflow.

If you still have a difficult time seeing how it will work in your organization, we will be happy to provide further detail by doing a Webex for you. We also provide a free 30 minute consultation on how to engineer your system.

There are two parts of our document imaging system. One part is to convert paper into electronic documents and get them into our system. This process is frequently done by an entry level person because it requires very little computer knowledge to perform this task.

The second part of our document imaging system is for end-users to retrieve documents from the electronic storage system.

Filing Smart PDF files into the document imaging sytem

The core of our document imaging system is our embedded label technology. To be able to retrieve a scanned PDF image at a later date, key search words and numbers must be used to identify these documents. These key search words are embedded into the PDF image through our label module.

The label module has been constructed to use drop down menus and self-completing character strings to facilitate its ease of use and the consistency in labeling documents.

For power users, it can be tied to a database to further minimize key word entry to a single field. Training is usually accomplished in 30-minutes to an hour.

The following dashboard show the step-by-step process to get documents into the system.

Document Imaging Software Process Map

document imaging scanning document imaging labeling Smart PDF files document imaging saving Smart PDF files

(Click on each step to view the video.)

Document Imaging Software Search Function

Our system is very intuitive and easy to master. An end-user only needs to learn three steps to become proficient using our system. These three steps are usually mastered in less than 15-minutes.

Document Imaging Keyword Search Document Imaging View, Print, Email Document Imaging File Smart PDF Files Back

(Click on each step to view the video.)

Because these steps are so simple to execute using our system, an entry-level employee with minimal computer training usually performs them. Most people are able to operate the system with less than one-hour of training.

The following illustration highlights the workflow process of our basic software.

Document Imaging Workflow

Our system is flexible enough to be used at either the departmental or enterprise level. It can be implemented as a centralized processing center where one location performs all four steps. Or, at the distributed scanning level, where the scanning is done at one location and the labeling is performed by someone at another location. Our system can be scaled to handle the needs of any business, large or small, because different people can execute different steps in the process.

Our system also gives companies an easy migration path to scale and augment the document imaging system as needed. As additional applications are discovered, our system can quickly be customized to meet your changing needs.

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