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Question 1: How would you approach prospects about our document imaging system?


Go away from being a concept sales call to a tangible sales call.

LifeKey... I would walk into an office with a demo LifeKey and hand LifeKey to a prospect and say something along the lines: I want just a few minute of your time to share with you how this little product can change your business forever. Will you grant me a 10 minute interview?

I would then show them the electronic patient file on LifeKey and then transition into… what would your business be like if everyone in your company could access your customer's files electronically, just like you saw with this patient file?

You can learn more about using LifeKey as the ultimate prospecting tool by going to http://www.mylifekey.com/ultimateprospectingtool.html

Question 2: Who would you approach?


I would focus on businesses that have an office. In other words, I wouldn't call on retail stores. I would call on companies in office buildings and manufacturing organizations.

I would try to see the CFO since these people are in upper management, they control the purse strings, and they are personally experiencing a paper problem in their department.

Question 3: How would you establish a marketing plan?


First I would begin with my existing customers. These people are the easiest people for you to approach and they should all grant you a face to face meeting. I would follow the sales process as we lay it out one the sales dashboard.

Next I would begin by just stopping in and cold calling on prospects. You need a constant flow of new prospects to grow any business. I would use the LifeKey approach because it will create curiosity. I would make an effort to stop in and call on at least one new prospect a day. At one new prospect a day you will see an additional 250 prospect a year. That is probably far more than anyone is currently seeing.

Question 4: Describe what you see as the sales process on the initial call.


Three step sales process...
1. Engage the customer in self-discovery

2. Uncover the obstacles

3. Schedule a meeting to demo the software
You want to engage the customer in self-discovery. What will a document imaging system do for them?
  • What advantages do you see if none of your employees had to get up from the desk, go to the file cabinet, look for a document and later re-file it, but could find and view the document in seconds from their PC?
You want to uncover the obstacles. Why wouldn't he do this? What are the barriers?
  • Why wouldn't you put in a document imaging system? In other words, what barriers do you see in putting such a system into your company?
If we could show you a way... would you do it?

If we could show you a way to put in a system that is...
  • Cost effective... in other words you save more money than you spend

  • Has a learning curve of under an hour... so that everyone will be experts using the system in less time than it takes to learn how to use a copy machine

  • Can be installed and rolled out in half a day... and doesn't require IT support time
Would you be open to take an hour to evaluate such a system?

Here is a list of the resources that are discussed in this webinar.

  LifeKey - http://www.sytechealth.com or http://www.mylifekey.com

  Camtasia Video - http://www.techsmith.com/download/trials.asp

  Free CamStudio - http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/

  SnagIt Screen Capture - http://www.techsmith.com/download/trials.asp

  Scanners (retail) - http://www.CDW.com

  Scanners (wholesale var accounts only) - http://www.techdata.com

  Fujitsu Scanners - http://www.fujitsu.com/us/services/computing/peripherals/scanners/

  DIS bundled/turnkey system page - http://www.disusa.com/pre-configured-systems.php