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Just imagine if you could free an extra 5 hours a week just by using a free piece of software. Watch the video to learn how...

We are not affiliated with this software company in any way. We believe that when someone has created a very good and extremely useful piece of software, it should be shared with everybody. If you know of someone who can use this free software, please share this video with them.

In each newsletter, we share several key ingredients, based on our own personal experience, research and testing, that go into successfully increasing productivity at home and in the workplace. Each of these newsletters will be brief and provide extremely valuable content. Some of these tactics have been adopted by many organizations we have consulted with like -

  Procter and Gamble
  Rider Truck and Leasing
  American Red Cross
  City of Cincinnati
  Fuddruckers Restaurants
  And the list goes on...

In fact: We use all these tactics in our own business.

There are two core categories of ideas - Strategies and Tactics.

Strategies are your long term objectives that you want to achieve. They differ from goals because you are always striving to achieve strategies and you seldom can define when they are accomplished. A strategy helps you understand outcomes and helps predict future outcomes as a result of particular actions. A set of strategies for a business might be to increase productivity, to become more efficient in a set of tasks, to improve customer service, and to improve the work environment. We have set forth a series of strategies that we will address in future comments on our blog and in our newsletter.

Tactics are steps you take - actions - to achieve outcomes. Most of the tactics we recommend are processes and techniques you can implement immediately either in your personal life or in you business.

Developing sound strategies and implementing them with the right tactics leads to both personal and business growth.

Our goal with this newsletter is to lay it all out for you in an easy-to-follow format. We've walked this path already and now we want to teach you how to benefit from our combined knowledge and experience in the areas we have defined in our strategy mind-map.

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