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Imagine this:

One month from now you walk into your office and there is no patient files scattered around the office and your staff's attitude is the best it's ever been in the last ten years.

Your receptionist is on the phone with a patient, providing service without ever putting the patient on hold or having to leave their desk to get a record.

You say to yourself as you prepare to see your first patient, this is the smoothest your office has run since you started your practice.

After witnessing the improved office morale and increased revenues, the only question you are left with is; "Why didn't I install DIS-Imaging™ sooner?"

This picture has been a proven reality with our document imaging system. Simply put, the fastest way to add zero's to your bottom line is to install our document imaging system into your medical practice.

Practice Profile

Lakeshore Dermatology Laser and Medical Spa opened in August of 2003 and began using our document imaging system immediately partly because Dr. Jason Van Ittersum helped design the system. Currently this office has a staff of 1 physician, 1 PA, 2 medical assistants, 1 office manager, 1 office assistant, 8 nurses, 4 receptionists, and 1 biller and they see an average of 120 patients per day. They have implemented a disaster protection plan by maintaining a copy of the electronic patient records offsite.

Challenges Faced

Without a document imaging system the following numbers represent the number of files pulled daily. With DIS-Imaging™ this time consuming task is completely eliminated.

  120 patients seen daily
  30 labs and biopsies
  120 transcriptions
  88 phone calls
  20 appointments scheduled
  15-20 letters to referring physicians
  15 new patients daily
Staff members estimate that it would take them at least 60 seconds per chart pull and 60 seconds to return the charts to the file system in a perfect world. However, in a paper-based file system, there would be approximately 5 days worth of charts floating around the office. Thus, if a patient's chart were needed, the staff would most likely need to search through up to 600 charts located in different rooms throughout the office. Therefore, the actual time to find a chart would be closer to industry averages of 6 minutes per chart-pull.

Based on the lesser 2-minute-per-chart-pull figure (pull it and return it), our document imaging system saves 16 1/2 hours per day in personnel costs for the practice.

Furthermore, an additional 1 1/4 hours per day are saved in just the time needed to create and assemble new patient charts. New paper file cost savings are estimated at 15 x $3.50 per paper chart = $52.50 per day.

The Economic Side of the Equation (Single Physician Practice)

  Total personnel savings = 17 3/4 hours per day
  Paper file costs = $52.50 per day
  The elimination of a file room and offsite storage
  The elimination of a copy machine and related costs such as maintenance, toner, and paper
  The elimination of the cost of file cabinets
Over a 10-year period (based on personnel savings, paper file savings, and 200 work days per year):

  Net Present Value = $428,932
  Internal Rate of Return = 534%
  For every $1 spent you save $50.46
  Payback period = 2 1/2 months
Non-Economic Benefits of Our DIS-Imaging™ System

  Billings go out the same day thereby increasing cash flow
  The referring physician can be mailed or emailed the results depending on the office's preference; thereby providing improved service to referring physicians
  90% of patient's calls are handled on the first call without putting the patient on hold
  Scheduling of appointments is more efficient
  Office is clean and less cluttered
  Staff morale is improved
  Easier to administer HIPAA
  Easier to handle managed care audits
  Physician and nurses are not interrupted by staff looking for a file
  No more lost or misplaced files
  Audit trail for fee slips to facilitate claim challenges. Normally a fee slip is thrown away so there is nothing to fall back on; now they are scanned.

DIS-Imaging™ is a metadata document imaging system. We will demonstrate why metadata systems are the only type of systems that most medical practices should consider purchasing. The typical medical practice doesn't have a database manager on staff, perhaps has an IT department, or may outsource IT to a local company. The majority of our competitors' systems are database/file structure systems and should not even be considered unless you have a full time IT person on staff.

If your organization is considering a document imaging system, you must ask the question: What happens if our network goes down for a prolonged period of time?

Will you lose access to the information that your practice requires to function? It would be like having your documents in a secure room that is locked, but no one has the keys.

The unfortunate fact of database/file structure document imaging systems is that if the server goes down, you lose access to your documents.

This is not a serious problem for today's metadata systems. They can overcome the problem by doing a backup onto an external USB hard drive. For $140, you can purchase a 250 GB external USB hard drive which will hold over 8,400,000 scanned images. That is equivalent to 3,360 file cabinet drawers of paper documents.

If the network goes down, you can simply unplug the external USB hard drive and re-plug it into any computer workstation and be completely functional in a matter of minutes. You will be able to continue seeing patients immediately and have all their records available until the network is repaired.

Simplicity is the foundation of our system's success: it is simple to set up, simple to use, and simple to manage. We provide a comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution that can be up and running in hours without an expensive and time consuming installation and customization process. An entry-level employee can be in full production (scanning, labeling, and indexing) in less than an hour of training. Our system requires only basic computer skills for installation and management without the need for constant intervention of IT personnel.

Our system can be scaled to fit any size of organization. Our search and retrieval engine that comes with the software is overbuilt to add extreme power to the system. Our search engine can index over 100,000,000 documents created by our software. Best of all, this powerful search and retrieval index comes standard with our software and is included in our low purchase price. To put this into perspective, a Google search engine only allows you to index up to one-million documents and costs $32,000. We index 100 times that many documents and it is free!

After the last five years of working with application-based EMR systems, much of the medical community has concluded that paper is still the most efficient way to document a patient's office visit. The problem with a paper file is that it can only be in one place at a time and in a medical practice, multiple people often need access to the patients file. Our document imaging system has proven itself for over a decade to be the simplest and most cost effective solution to accomplishing this task.

It is critical to point out that with a document imaging system, a physician does not alter the way that he or she practices medicine. You will continue to document a patient's visit using your preferred method. The data entry (scanning and labeling of documents) will be done by your support staff.

Document imaging mirrors the paper-based system, duplicating the workflow pattern for any given task. The only difference is the unparalled convenience of retrieving and viewing medical records in an electronic format. Essentially, a physician can maintain his or her current pattern of practice while realizing all the benefits promised by electronic medical records.

With DIS-Imaging™ you will find that:

  It eliminates the need for a filing person, freeing him/her to do more important tasks
  It improves the efficiency of your staff by at least 15%
  It eliminates any lost and misplaced files
  It will improve the work environment and office morale
  It eliminates the cost of onsite and offsite storage of paper files
  It facilitates same day billing thereby improving cash flow
  It facilitates the speedy resolve of claims
  It provides disaster protection by storing copies of electronic patient records offsite
  It significantly increases the profits of the practice.

Improved Practice Efficiency

Eliminate chart-pulls and filing - DIS-Imaging™ provides conveniently accessible medical records that can be viewed from any networked computer or be printed to paper. After viewing, the records are instantly re-filed at the touch of a button. DIS-Imaging™ automatically incorporates outside documents, such as lab reports, into the file by scanning the documents into the system.

Universal access to charts - Paper medical records are available at only one location at any given time. DIS-Imaging eliminates this problem by becoming accessible to authorized user from any PC or on the network, and multiple people can access records simultaneously, eliminating the frustration of an unavailable medical record.

Eliminate missing records - According to two studies, 10 to 11 percent of all patient records are misfiled or missing from the patient chard. Missing records are eliminated with DIS-Imaging™.

Reduction in phone tag - DIS-Imaging™ dramatically improves efficiency for the daily telephone interactions that require information from the patient's chart. Because charts are instantly accessible, incoming patient calls can be handled immediately, improving efficiency and patient services.

Cost Reduction

Lower paper and storage expenses - DIS-Imaging™ completely replaces your paper charting system, you can reclaim the office space once dedicated to chart filing and storage, and eliminate many of the daily expenses associated with maintaining paper charts.

Reduced copying expenses - Copies of medical records are frequently requested by insurance companies, consulting physicians, attorneys and patients. With DIS-Imaging, you can instantly print all relevant medical files directly from a networked PC, or securely distribute the electronic documents directly to outside sources via email. Labor and copying costs are dramatically reduced, and the risk of losing or misfiling the paper chart is eliminated. With DIS-Imaging™ you can completely eliminate the need of your copy machine and related costs.


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