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Listen to what our customers have to say about our system. Click here to watch a 2-minute video...   View Movie

Customer Support...

The stability of our Document Imaging System means that the system virtually maintains

itself, with little or no support needed. In fact... if we get 2-3 calls a year from our existing

customers, that's a lot. Due to the stability of our technology, we're like the lonely

Maytag repair man waiting for the call that never comes.

Our document imaging system uses metadata technology which is the newest and most advanced document imaging technology on the market today. Throughout our website you will learn why metadata systems, are the superior choice for companies that have an IT department but not a full time database manager or outsource their IT to a local company.

If you don't have time to baby-sit a document imaging system... you need our software!

But if you need our help we are there.

Don't take my word for it, listen to what some of our customers have to say about our support staff...

We continue to be VERY happy with the software and your support (well, you are always available "IF" we need you but that's only when we expand the system to a new project).

Dave Walters
President, Walters Gardens Inc

"Your system has been rock solid. It's been over three years and not a glitch. I haven't even bothered with software upgrades because I might break it!"

John C. Crouch, IT Director
Certified Merchant Services

"Having worked with database solutions for the past ten years, I can tell you without hesitating, that database solutions are not the answer for service bureaus."

"My remorse comes from not having the DIS System when our service bureau first started. My current database solution created a loss of over $55,000 in the last 17 months due to database corruptions, production losses, user license fees, support fees, and additional outside IT expenses."

"Our company has received tremendous support from you, Chuck, Andy, and Randy V. For the first time in the history of my company I feel like I have legitimate business partners."

Tim Parker, President
DSC Imaging Services

Meta Data systems overcome the inherent problems of database systems...

Database/file structure document imaging systems were originally designed for large enterprises with a database manager on staff to maintain the system. In the past several years, the pricing of these systems has come down to the point where main stream businesses can now afford them but most companies don't possess the technical qualifications to maintain them.

Looking for a solution, Meta data document imaging systems were born. These systems are far more stable and they can be programmed to maintain themselves. Therefore, they virtually eliminate the need for human intervention. But, should you need help our support staff is there to assist you.

With our $18,000 purchase option, we include online and telephone support for free the first year. Beginning in the second year support and upgrades cost 7 1/2% of the purchase price.

With our monthly lease program we provide support for a fee. The reason is that we priced the product so skinny that we had to cover the costs another way. Depending on the level of computer expertise, we found that some companies needed limited support while others didn't require any at all. Charging for support to only those companies that need support seemed the fairest way to go. Wouldn't you agree?

So what is the cost of support for our month-to-month lease plan?

If you require support, you will need to pull out your credit card. We will bill you at the rate of $300 an hour in 1/4 hour increments. The beauty is that even when support is needed, it is usually limited to the initial installation. To help you gage what support might cost, below is the average time required to install a system. Our support staff can help you with every stage of successfully implementing a document imaging system into your organization.

Installing Document Imaging Software...

  Install software on server = approximately 30 minutes

  Install software on workstation = approximately 30 minutes

  Configure drop down lists and profiles = approximately 1-2 hours

Evaluating Documents & Recommending Profiles...

  Review documents and recommend how to set up profiles = 1-2 hours


  Train your staff to label documents = 1-1 1/2 hours

  Train your staff to search for documents = 1/2 hour

The People Behind The Company

At Document Imaging Solutions, Inc. we pride ourselves in providing knowledgeable people to work with. Here are some of the people that you will work with if you decide to continue this evaluation process.

Erin Spalding CDIA+, VP of Marketing

Besides his responsibilities with Document Imaging Solutions, Inc., he is one of ten instructors in the United States for the CompTIA CDIA+ (Certified Document Imaging Architect) Training course and performs document imaging consulting throughout the country. He is also the owner of a document imaging service bureau and has helped setup companies that offer document imaging services as a business.

Randy Van Ittersum CEO

Randy is the founder of Document Imaging Solutions and initially developed the technology behind our system. He brings the management perspective into the evaluation process. In other words, he understands what your boss wants to know and will help see that you can provide that information in a precise, detailed manner.

He also started a sister company called Sytec Health that developed the first universal electronic medical record. He has a patent pending on a new electronic medical device that allows a patient to carry their medical records with them at all times. The device is called LifeKey and it can be seen at .

Chuck Kelyman CTO

Chuck heads our support team and has 20 years of network experience. He also works as part of our software development team and knows our system inside and out. When it comes to support, Chuck is like a dog on a bone, he just won't give up. To cite an example, when FMC Corp moved our system into new headquarters the IT staff couldn't get it to work again. Chuck spent 12 hours working on the problem until he discovered the answer. The problem turned out to be caused by the group that had been hired to help move their network and had nothing to do with our software. That was 5 years ago and they never have had a problem since.

Andrew Brock - Mgr Programming

Andy heads our software development team and is an expert in both programming and database management. Andy's expertise is focused on how to overcome the usual database management problems. He developed the reverse engineering that allows us to us the Meta data contained within the documents created by our system, to rebuild a database when it becomes corrupt. We have the only system on the market that can do this. If you are a large company that wants to use a database to manage its documents, you will understand how significant this development is to maintaining the integrity of the system.

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